FIA Formula E Media Site: Terms and Conditions

Only media representatives will be permitted access to this secure Area. By completing and submitting a request, all representatives agree to abide by the terms and conditions set by FIA Formula E.

The FIA Formula E secure Media Area distributes digital images in JPEG format by authorised ID/password. The following are terms of service.

1. Users

This service distributes digital images (contents) provided by FIA Formula E to the media (users) who use these contents for reporting purposes.

2. Usage of Contents

  1. The purpose of usage of contents is limited to reporting. Users shall not use contents for other purposes including personal use.

  2. When using contents in publications, such as magazines and newspapers and/or on websites copyright note "© FIA Formula E" must be printed on each content. All contents must be physically deleted after usage. Any copies of contents including duplicate, inter-negative, print, and digital data produced during the process of usage must also be deleted.

  3. It is prohibited to sell, distribute, transfer, lend, or transmit contents to a third party.

  4. It is prohibited to use contents for defamation, criticism, or any purposes against public order and standards of decency.

3. Termination of authorised usage of Contents

FIA Formula E can immediately terminate the authorised usage of contents in the event that the user has violated the terms or when FIA Formula E has judged that contents were used in an inappropriate manner. In case of termination, FIA Formula E can instruct the user to return all contents and their reproductions and the user must indemnify the damages caused by such usage, if any, to FIA Formula E or to a third party.

4. Warranty

Users are solely responsible for usage of the service. Damages on any data or items including computer systems, communication devices and computer programs will not be warranted by FIA Formula E and users are solely liable for all such damages resulting from the usage of the service.

5. Disclaimer of Liability

  1. FIA Formula E shall not be liable for any damage that users may sustain caused by delay, modification, suspension, and discontinuation of the service.

  2. FIA Formula E shall not be liable for any damage or financial obligation resulting from the usage of contents for purposes other than those approved in the terms.

  3. FIA Formula E shall not be liable for any information that the user communicates or provides through the produced materials using the contents.

  4. FIA Formula E shall not be liable for any dispute between the user and a third party or any damage caused to a third party by any information that the user communicates or provides through the produced materials using the contents.

  5. FIA Formula E is not obligated to remodel, change, or add to FIA Formula E facilities, systems, or computer programs to maintain compatibility with the user's communication devices or computer programs in order to use the service.

  6. FIA Formula E does not guarantee that the site, server, image data or distributed emails are virus-free.

6. Copyright

All rights of all contents downloaded through the service are reserved to FIA Formula E. The service is to authorise the usage of contents to users based on the terms and is not a transfer of copyright or any other rights of contents.

7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The terms shall be governed by, construed and interpreted under the laws of EU.


Editorial Use Only

Registration will allow you to download high-resolution images. Note that these images are provided for accredited editorial use only. Acceptance to the media site and is not accreditation to attend FIA Formula E events. Please click on Accreditation above to apply for FIA Formula E event accreditation.

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